Saturday, December 11, 2010

Standing left to right: Mark Booth, Nathan Glick, Lee Pake,Jr., Archie Bird
Seated: Ester Weil Glick

THE BAMA MAMMOTHS (Archie, Lee, Mark, Robertoreg) spent the morning in Mountain Brook enjoying the company of Nathan Glick and his lovely wife, the former Esther Weil of Demopolis. While we listened to Nathan describe the details of his amazing life, he signed 29 reproductions of his drawings for me. He'll be 99 in June & he is sharp as a tack and his signature hasn't changed in over 70 years. All of us will always treasure this opportunity to spend time with one of ALABAMA'S GREATEST ARTISTS. Afterwards, we drove over to Bessemer for lunch @ THE BRIGHT STAR. Lee picked up the tab & Archie was an excellent driver on the backroads heading back to Tuscaloosa. What a great day!

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